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Hen Party Theme Ideas 16/02/2017

15 Themed Fancy Dress Ideas To Make Your Hen Party Stand Out

Your hen party should be fun, fabulous and carefree for all invited. If you want to make everyone feel welcome and create a night that nobody could forget; choosing a hen party fancy dress theme is the way to go. Hen do costumes will get everyone giggling from the word “go”. They’re a fun way to help you spot each other across a busy dance floor and make sure you all stick together, too. Considering a hen night theme? We’ve put together our favourite hen party fancy dress ideas with... Read More


The Ultimate Guide To Hen Party Nicknames

Hen parties are exciting, entertaining and hilarious pit-stops in the build-up to any wedding. It’s a time for your bride-to-be to celebrate her last days of freedom with her best friends and family members. So, the more mischief and mayhem, the better. Whether you’re arranging a crazy night out; flying somewhere hot for the weekend; or organising a full day of quirky activities, it’s your duty to make sure everyone feels welcome and involved. What’s the easiest, cheapest and funniest way to do this? Hen party nicknames. Hen do names... Read More


How to Organise a Hen Party Abroad – Las Vegas

If you’re thinking big, you don’t get bigger, brighter or better than a Las Vegas hen party. Organising a hen party abroad might seem hard, but not when it’s Vegas. That’s because this place is the adult entertainment capital of the world. Jammed with every essential for the ultimate hen party abroad, you can visit acrobatic nightclubs, revolving restaurants and pool parties as easily as you can see strips shows, burlesque acts and global celebrities. To help you organise your Las Vegas hen party, we’ve selected some of the best... Read More

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8 Things You Need In Your Hen Party Survival Kit

If you’re heading out for your hen party, you might be worried about how the night is going to pan out — and how your hens will survive it. You want it to be big, busy, funny, and memorable with everyone having fun, looking fantastic and lasting the whole night together. Our Hen Party Survival Kit is full of all the hen night essentials you need for your hens to have the best night. From keeping the party atmosphere going, to making sure everyone is looked after the next morning;... Read More

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Hen Party vs Bridal Shower

Hen parties and bridal showers are polar-opposite celebrations designed to mark the same event. So, what makes both of them so popular? From bridal shower decorations to hen night accessories, we’re going to look at the differences between hen parties and bridal showers and give you a few tips to help you arrange one — or both — yourself. Tone Hen party Not needing much explanation, the standard hen party is big, bold and loud with lots of naughty humour to make it a night of childish, carefree fun. Creating... Read More

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13 Questions to Ask Before You Plan a Hen Party

Organising a hen party can be tricky, even when you know exactly what your bride-to-be wants. So, before you get excited planning wild activities, ask her these 13 crucial questions. We promise it’ll make the entire process much more fun fun and easy — with a perfect hen party for your soon-to-be-bride and her hens at the end of it. Is the hen party a surprise for your bride-to-be? If she does want a surprise, perhaps cherry-pick the rest of these questions so you don’t give too much away. Many... Read More


7 Best Cities for Hen Parties in the UK

One of the most challenging parts of organising a hen weekend is deciding where to have it. There are lots of entertaining hen do locations across the UK that make for memorable events, so how do you choose? To help you out, we’ve put together what we think are the seven best cities for hen parties in the UK — including activities you can do and how much they cost to visit. Whether you know exactly what vibe and theme your bride-to-be wants, or you’re just looking for some new... Read More

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Unusual Hen Party Ideas

If you’re organising a hen party, you’re possibly feeling a bit anxious and stressed. Although initially touched and excited to be given the honour, you’re now starting to realise that arranging a memorable event for many people might be tricky. What you need to help you calm down and boost inspiration is a go-to guide of unusual hen party ideas. We’ve put together an exciting collection of the best alternative hen do activities, so that you can create an event that rebels against the hen party institution. With activities from... Read More


Sophisticated Hen Party Ideas

If you’ve got a sophisticated bride-to-be and need some classy hen night ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Hen parties might make you think of cheeky sashes, sparkly stetsons and oily strippers. And although these are good for a giggle, they’re not for everyone. Organising even a typical hen party isn’t easy, never mind when you have to make it refined and respectable. From choosing a suitable date and collecting kitty money, to controlling a crowd of people ranging from the future mother-in-law to those girls she worked with... Read More

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Your Ultimate Guide to Hen Party Favours

Like us, you might have struggled to find any clear advice or information about hen party favours. You know it’s got something to do with gift bags and novelty presents, but that’s about it. All you’re looking for is a brief on: what they are, who to give them to and what to actually give, so that you can master this expected hen party custom and avoid making any mistakes.   Help is here To clear things up, we’ve created a complete manual of the what, who and why of... Read More