September 2012


Make Sure The Bride To Be Has The Night Of Her Life

Make sure the bride to be has the night of her life If you’ve been asked to organised your pal’s hen do, you might be feeling the pressure. There’s lots to arrange and you might not have any experience in putting together events like this. The important thing to remember is that the devil’s in the detail. It’s important that the bride-to-be has the night of her life, so there’s no room for skimping. The great news is, there’s loads of different activities for you to choose from and by... Read More


Going Cocktail Crazy On A Hen Do

Going cocktail crazy on a hen do Deciding what to do for a hen party can be tough. There are lots of hen do ideas floating around, but finding one that ticks all of your boxes isn’t always straightforward. Some of your group might be a little on the wild side, while others may be more tame in their preferences. This makes your job difficult. However, one option that might suit everyone is a cocktail making class. Events like this are fun and people can get as involved as they... Read More