November 2016


How To Have A Hen Party At Home

Wondering how you can have an amazing hen party while staying at home? If so, then don’t worry: here at Hen Party Superstore we have solutions for whatever kind of event you desire. Home Hen Dos The ever-popular Hen Party, in all its glory, has become a conventional part of our feminine experience in modern day societies. Can you imagine a world without them, and how boring the whole run-up to the wedding would be? What was once the final farewell, before the bride-to-be was whisked off by her new... Read More


The Ultimate Guide To Free Hen Party Dares

Hen parties are all about having fun, and nothing gets the fun started like some hilarious, crazy and outrageous dares. Hen party dares have become part and parcel of the whole experience, giving you all a great excuse to laugh, smile and humiliate each other, all in the name of celebrating your bride-to-be’s last weekend of freedom. Chances are you will be expecting your hen party to be on the wild side anyway, so why not get the ball rolling with these free hen party dares from Hen Party Superstore!... Read More