April 2017

Butlers in the Buff 27/04/2017

The Rise of Male Stripping

It seems like whenever we hear there’s going to be a hen party, there’s always at least one person who asks: “Are you having a stripper?”. As we talked about in our male stripping survey post, the act has been a staple part of the hen do franchise for decades. But not long ago, it seemed to lose a touch of its allure. Traditional male stripping became almost taboo, with many modern brides-to-be being embarrassed by the idea of receiving a lapdance from a naked, gyrating man. As a result, male... Read More

Martini Glass Cocktail 19/04/2017
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10 Hilarious Hen Party Cocktail Games

What’s a hen do without a drink in hand? If you want to give your hen night a classy twist but still include plenty of laughs, mingling, and alcohol; why not make a hen party cocktail theme? Of course, there’s more to this than just laying out a load of mixers and spirits. Your night needs to be wall-to-wall cocktails, and the most entertainingly hilarious way to do this is with hen party cocktail games. To help with your theme, we’ve listed our top ten easy-to-do games to make organising... Read More


Hen Party Planning Checklist

Hen party planning is a maze of payments, activities, guest lists, and keeping everyone happy. If you’re in charge of the big blowout before the big day, you’re going to need some help to avoid unnecessary stress and worry. That’s why we’ve come up with a hen party checklist of everything you need to do to make sure nothing goes wrong on the night (or day, or weekend). Read through the foolproof essentials of hen party planning, then just print out our checklist at the bottom. Four + months before... Read More